Freelance work

I do Web Development Data Science/Engineering
I've worked with Python Node.js Clojure Clojurescript JQuery React HTML CSS (No)SQL APIs AWS GCloud git
Full-stack developer @ HOTOSM

MapCampaigner app redesign to improve usability & add features.
Github repo

Web Development
PythonFlask JQuery HTML CSS AWS Lambda AWS S3 gitGithub
Data Scientist @ Eleven Pte Ltd

Proof of concept to extract data from PDF files for a startup automating accounting work.

Data Science/Engineering
Python AWS Textract gitGitLab
Developer @ Journalism++

Multiple projects: data analysis, HTML templates generation, web scraping, data pipelines, dashboard web app

Web Development Data Science/Engineering
PythonJupyter notebookPandasMatplotlib Node.js AWS Lambda AWS SQS AWS SNS Pug template React gitGithub
UI Developer @ CamBioScience

Network visualisation dashboard to display and edit genes/proteins interactions for a science startup.

Web Development
Clojurescript ReactRe-Frame CSS git
Node.js Developer @ InternetBarOrg

ProTechMe app to convert chatbot conversations into a PDF document emailed to request a protective order.
Github repo

Web Development
Node.js chatbot gitGithub
Python Instructor @ Journalism++

Python course for journalists instructor to support the main teacher with course material, teaching and students support.


Personal projects

I explore data analysis and data visualisation tools.
Notebook dashboard

Jupyter dashboard looking at life expectancy data from the Gapminder project.

Github repo
Python Jupyter notebook Pandas Altair Jupyter widgets
Jupyter dashboard view
Data viz with Altair

Telling stories with data presented at PyCon Sweden 2017 as my experience trying Altair (Python API for Vega) for rapid, shareable data viz.

Ebola data viz, talk slides
Python Jupyter notebook Altair
Ebola dataset data viz screenshot
Topic modeling (NLP) for bibliography

Get meaning from scientific articles presented at PyData London 2015 and PyCon UK 2015 uses a naive Bayes classifier to classify articles from their text content.

Github repo, talk slides
Python Jupyter notebook NLTK Gensim Scikit-learn
Jupyter notebook screenshot